Grant's project chip labels

- to simplify construction on breadboard.


by Grant Searle

Last update: 26th August 2012

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The projects that I have built have been simplified by the use of labels stuck on the top of each of the ICs.
By doing this, breadboard building errors are greatly reduced as there is no need to continually count the pins to ensure wiring is connected to the correct terminal.

The sheet of labels that I provide here contains all the chips that I have used in the projects on my pages, along with some other chips for other projects that I have been working on.

I have included duplicates of some of the chips on the sheet so that only one sheet needs to be printed to have sufficient labels for any of the projects shown.

The layout of the sheet is set to allow easy cutting.
Cut out the required labels and stick to the top of the IC using a paper glue stick ("Pritt" in the UK). Using this type of glue allows the labels to be easily removed in future and any traces of glue on the chip will be removed very easily using a damp tissue.

The PDF containing the labels is here. This is a 600DPI print in black and white. Due to the small print, laser printing is best although inkjet can still be used.

When printing the PDF, ensure "Page Scaling is set to "None".
This is designed to fit on A4, but will probably fit on the US "Letter" paper.

I hope this page has been useful.


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